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Gone to the Dogs Reviews

From Apollo

"My name is Apollo and I LOVE Gone to the Dogs. All my friends are there and the staff is so very nice to me. In fact I love day care so much when my Mom doesn't take me I pace while she is trying to drink her coffee and give her looks until she gives in. Thank you for providing such a fun place for me to go while my mom works or volunteers next door."

From Karma’s mom, Jillian

"My German Shepherd Dog Karma and I ABSOLUTELY love Gone to the Dogs Daycare. Karma is 6 months old and has a great deal of energy. I started bringing her to daycare at the age of 12 weeks. This has allowed her to be socialized with other people and dogs! She loves going to play with all of the dogs and she comes home completely wiped out. I think the prices are very reasonable, and sometimes they even offer packages with lower prices! Sometimes at the end of the week, I will schedule Karma to get a bath and a nail trim with Josie, and they will wait to bathe her until the end of the day. This means my puppy comes home clean, and tired! What more could you want?? Thank you so much GTTD! "

From Baxter, Adell and Emmett's Mom, Crystal

"I have three high energy terriers that really enjoy and need (well, I need) doggie daycare. I wanted a place that had plenty of indoor & outdoor space and an outgoing staff that would love & care for my pups as much as I do. In 2010 Gone to the Dogs opened its doors, and my pack & I were the first to arrive. The fun began! Baxter & Emmett adjusted right away to their new digs, “Game on, it is playtime”. Adell was a bit nervous, at first, but with the staff’s patience, spoiling, and time, Adell loved her new doggie daycare. As my dogs age, their needs are changing, and GTTD has been very accommodating with schedule changes, nap times, and conversations on what should be next. Having a groomer on staff is a bonus! Getting the pups nails cut & teeth brushed has never been easier. It is just part of daycare now. Baxter, Adell, & Emmett are over the moon with excitement (and the seats in the car…we have crates now) when dropping off at GTTD. They are smiling, tired, happy dogs when I pick them up who settle in and immediately fall asleep for the car ride home. "

From Kyle and Brandy Strissel

"Our boxer Torque has been attending Gone to the Dogs Daycare for over a year. She started attending right at 6 months old. She is full of energy and loves the companionship of other dogs. After a day at daycare, Torque is one happy, sleepy dog. The staff is kind and very attentive to Torque’s needs. Torque has also visited Josie for grooming. She loved her pink nail polish and the pampering. We always recommend Gone to the Dogs to all dog lovers every chance we get. "

From Ruby’s mom, Marie

"GTTD has been a great resource for me and my family. We rescued our dachshund-Jack Russell mix Ruby from Tails 2 years ago and knew that she was a ball of unrelenting energy. We wanted a healthy and happy dog and starting bringing Ruby to GTTD to get her socialized and exercised since she was 4 months old. We are blessed to see how great daycare is not only for our dog but for our family; we can take Ruby anywhere, she has learned how to act around other dogs as well as people and it allows us to present a well behaved dog in our home and when we are out in public. We have utilized their grooming and private behavior training classes and could not be more pleased with the results and peace of mind we receive from using the GTTD family for our family’s needs. "