Meet the GTTD Staff

The Gone to the Dogs staff is made up of caring, hard-working people who love your dog. Our staff members are trained to interpret dog body language and try to understand your dog’s wants and needs quickly. They communicate very well with each other, so we all get to know your dog’s personality, and work to ensure that your dog is happy while spending time at our daycare.

Our training program and our grooming service also share information about your dog, so those services are as stress-free as possible when your dog needs them. Because of all this, at the end of the daycare, we can give you an accurate description of your dog’s day.

Our goal is for your dog to have a great play day with us. When they bark excitedly, whine loudly and way their tails vigorously when approaching Gone to the Dogs, we know we are doing everything right!

Say hello to our great team!








GTTD staff with dogs