Meet Sami

Sami has worked at Gone to the Dogs since August of 2016. She is originally from Dixon, IL. She moved to DeKalb in August of 2015.

Her pets include 2 dogs named Buddy and Chubs. Buddy is a Pomeranian Poodle, and Chubs is a Golden Retriever, Chow, German Shepard mix. She also has 2 cats named Maya and Makita, and one Redfoot Tortoise.

When asked if she could have any breed what would it be?

She replied “I would love to have a Husky because of their sassiness, a German Shepard, or a Pomeranian.”

When asked what her favorite thing about working is?

She replied “I love working with dogs, and being around them. I enjoy the company of all my coworkers, and all the clients we have and just the overall friendly environment. It’s nice to be around people who ¬†love animals as much as you do.”